Website Management Services: Development and Solutions

A modern website is an essential tool that will allow you to attract new customers and form the correct perception of the brand in the market. There are many experienced website management services in Philippines that you can relly on.

Having a well-made website doesn’t necessarily take a huge investment of time and resources to build and maintain.

For most events, organizations and associations, a relatively simple site is sufficient, which will be distinguished by good readability and fairly frequent updates. Google will rank your website high if it follows a few simple rules:


Use of a unique domain name (eg and, preferably, containing keywords.


Correct use of keywords (those words through which you want to be found) on the site.


The site must contain interesting content so that the visit time is not too low.


You must have a clean and beautiful layout and easily accessible content.


The site must be mobile-friendly so that it can also be used with smartphones and tablets.


It must have security related settings with https connection in case of creating authentication credentials.

Therefore, if you don’t have a website, or it is not built correctly, your online accessibility is probably quite low. In addition, to prove its existence, your site may provide simple services such as a news service, a product catalog, or an online service, for example, allowing users to upload documents, chat with the support and place their orders.

We cover also website management services in Ilocos Region and other cities of the country is in high demand among dynamically developing companies. Today, the majority of customers find the necessary goods and services on the Internet, therefore, if your company has a high-quality website with contact information and feedback, you can become a leader in the competition.

What is a quality Website Management Services

additional profit channel

Additional Profit Channel

Marketing research shows that online sales are driving more sales for merchants. Website development is an inexpensive but effective way to get an additional channel for advertising the company's products and services. The site provides the company with new clients



A well-created website with a good design and a well-thought-out structure raises the level of organization in the eyes of customers, partners and their own employees.

conveniencet ime saving

Convenience, Time Saving

For employees, partners, clients - the user can get the price list, service description, contract template or other necessary information at any time, in a convenient way through the help of a form even when your phones and faxes are busy or outside of working hours. A website will work for you for 24 hours!

Our Focus

Website Development

Developing websites with the latest frameworks and a responsive design from any screen sizes. We take pride in our work, so much that we offer lifetime support services for all of your needs!

Developing websites is what we do best - specializing in building them using the newest frameworks as well as providing mobile-friendly designs to suit every need or size.

Website Design

Putting the beauty of your website design on a pedestal is an excellent way to get traffic that will help generate revenue.

Web Page Design and Traffic: The Balance Between Attractiveness, Usability, and Revenue

Custom WordPress Development

Our company has been on the forefront of website design and development for over 5 years, so we've seen a lot. With our WP framework you can be confident that your site will stand out from the rest with ease!

We're always looking for ways to improve ourselves as well as make life easier - which is why we have spent time improving our WordPress Framework in order to give clients more options when it comes down to designing their perfect website. This way even if they don't know what exactly they want or need at first, by working through all these great features together, there's no doubt in my mind that anyone would find success with us because really: who isn't impressed by simplicity?

Ecommerce Solutions

We are using the most updated framework, WordPress to build your brand and business websites.

These sites can add different functionalities for you such as Facebook integration or contact forms that will allow more interaction with clients through a variety of channels.

The main types of Internet sites currently allocated are:

Landing sites or promo pages

A landing page site (landing page, landing page, one-page site) is a stand-alone Internet page that provides advertising or search traffic. Single-page sites have a higher conversion rate compared to multi-page sites, because the main and only purpose of the landing page is to perform one specific targeted action by the page visitor. Multi-page sites, unlike landing pages, have a multi-purpose nature (leaving an application, placing an order, commenting, subscribing, reposting, liking, etc.).

Landing pages are used for:

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Business Cards

A business card site is an online business card for your business, an easy-to-create and maintain site that allows you to get primary information about the company’s activities.

Content of the business card site:

Such a site is easy to use, it will have to be updated only in case of changes in prices, purchase conditions, expansion of the list of services, adding news and photos. Unlike a corporate site, a business card site does not pursue the goal of posting comprehensive information on every issue.

Corporate websites

Corporate site – an Internet site that contains detailed information about the activities of the company:

Unlike sites such as a business card or landing page, a corporate site has a multi-level structure and versatile content.

Content of the business card site:

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Online store sites

Online store - a site that allows users online, in a browser or mobile application:

It would seem that the differences between a corporate website and an online store are not so significant. But an online store differs from a corporate site or a business card site not only by the presence of a basket and the possibility of online payment. The main difference between an online store and another business model is in business processes to gain a competitive advantage in the fight for potential buyers!

blog icon

Blog sites

A blog is an Internet site for the regular publication of various content:

It is important for a blog to be able to comment, share and like the publications posted in it. Often a blog is a section of a corporate website or online store.

creating task using trello

Your future resource can solve the following tasks that contribute to the growth of profits:

Improve marketing effectiveness. This task can be broken down into many subtasks, for example, the following:

The list goes on. But the essence is already clear: you need to fix the tasks that your site will solve. Practice with a live example. For example, formulate the goals and objectives of creating a website that the dental clinic pursued. Be sure to write them down on paper.

Engineering mindset offers

an affordable and professional web services, a commitment to redefining what is the real solution to your online presence.

What does website development include?

Identifying customer needs

Identifying customer needs

Content indicative

Development of technical specifications

Development of a design solution

Development of a design solution - selection of a template or development of a unique design

Development of the structure

Development of the structure and functionality of the site on a suitable management system

website development include 5

Content indicative content of the site

Uploading a site

Uploading a site to the Internet, testing, launching a project

Training the customer to work with the site

Development of the structure and functionality of the site on a suitable management system

It is extremely important to use only proven and most effective tools at all the listed stages. It is for this reason that it is better to entrust the creation of a website, the price of which pays off quickly enough, to experienced specialists.

For more than eight years of experience, we have successfully completed about 50+ projects to create websites, and we will be happy to apply all our experience, knowledge and professionalism in the implementation of your website. Each project has an individual approach!

When a business is just getting on its feet, not everyone can afford huge material costs. To increase the number of customers or organize the sale of products or services via the Internet, it is advisable to create a website. This can be done without significant material investment. Such a resource will be productive and useful.

The creation of a website takes place with a limited number of modules. Such a resource will not have a forum or sections for conducting online research. The main emphasis will be placed on the news blocks and the administrative component, which will ensure a simple and convenient use of the site.

Modern solutions and proven expertise

Partner with a creative development team, If you have an issue with your website, hosting, on-page SEO setup, or let you create the new website, you can count on us!

Why is it beneficial to use the creation of a website?

independently post news

You can independently post news on the page, edit and archive data, delete information that has lost its relevance.

Feedback is easy to establish

Feedback is easy to establish by organizing contacts in a specific section.

allows you to communicate with visitors

A compact site allows you to communicate with visitors: to provide answers to their questions. For this, a head book or a question-and-answer system is used, the setting of which is very fast.

set up a blog or forum

If the need arises, you can set up a blog or forum.

Installation of the form

Installation of the form for the customer is available.

The website “Internet representation” has a wider set of functions. Web-development is more labor-intensive, so the cost of creating a resource is somewhat higher. Such a model of interaction with customers is necessary for a company that aims to get its place in the trading virtual space.

On the basis of this package, you can start developing a resource that will become an informative and effective tool for promoting the company’s goods (services). In this case, such modules are used as the organization of price lists, news and articles block. This will provide customers with complete product information. At the next stage of business development, it is advisable to use the website management services in Philippines to boost your business.

Why Choosing Us ?

Fast Turn Around Time

No one wants to wait for their problem to be solved and we are no different. We can typically respond max 24 hours with the quickest of turn - around times in the industry, so get your request in as soon as possible!

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widescreen debugging

Top Quality Service

We're always striving for perfection. For us, there's no such thing as too small or too big of a project; we'll work tirelessly to bring you and your customers 100% satisfaction on every job!

Security First

Our team's top priority is the security of your website. We'll protect you from all kinds of malicious activity, no matter what size project we're working on together!

Our number one goal for each client is to make sure their content and information stays safe and secure with us at Geenxt. Whether it be a small update or a full rebranding campaign- our experts are here to help in any way they can!

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Financing Alternative

We know that looking for financing options can be tough when it comes to building your first website. That's why we offer a variety of plans and prices, from monthly payments to longer term installments.

We Offer Different Kinds of Website Support for your Needs

Geenxt is a website development company that has some of the best people in its team. These well-experienced individuals not only provide you with professional service but also have knowledge about their job and enjoy it to boot!

Geenxt provides its customers with a variety of website management, generating content, fixing bugs, improving speed and doing constant upgrades to your website plugins, and themes.

These are primarily provided along with secondary services like composing better SEO tags, improving the security of a website, preventing spam and cleaning up of the same so as to make the site function suitably. We have a rather extensive range of services, so you can fundamentally get anything relevant to your needs from Geenxt.

We offer our clients complete customization in developing their websites according to their needs. Our main aim is to hear it from consumers and give them back a product as accurate as their description of it.

We also put a high emphasis on timely delivery of our services and have a rich history of satisfying our clients with both timely delivery and customization.

We offer testing services for your developed websites to ensure that all the sites are available and working 24/7.

Our software language experts make sure that your website is functioning at its best across all platforms, and there is a constant check up on bugs and issues. In case of any technical issues, our technical staff is always available to help you out in any way possible.

We believe in getting better every day, and so does the team at Geenxt. We are always trying to brainstorm new ideas and make sure that we implement them to their WordPress developed sites.

Also, our goal is to continually update the software that we use for development and update the plugins and themes that we make for our clients.

There is a lot of spam that gets jammed up on a website, and usually on content development websites is always a need to ensure such spam and junk does not overshadow the main content on the site. And in order to do that, you may need a professional and support developer like the Geenxt website.

Many sites are now made by all new platforms and small businesses, and clients are always looking for the best services to avail. Whether it is about making a blog, a small website or a small e-commerce venture, you can always look to Geenxt to deliver. The best part about us is that we offer our services in bundled offers, and offer a lot of complimentary services as mentioned above. Reliability, experience as well as quality and professional work is all available here at Geenxt under one roof.

Your brand drives your business forward

We understand highly complex industries and business goals, then applying that knowledge to innovative website solutions.