The Best and Easy Guide: Quick Simple Fun Games

Ever wanted to play a quick, easy game but didn’t know where to start? This article is for you! This post will talk about quick and simple games that are perfect for people who want something quick and fun.

We’ll also present some great websites with quick, easy games that can be played in your browser.

When we think of quick, easy games, most people would assume that they are either quick and straightforward or quick but not so much fun. The truth is there are a plethora of games out there that can be considered as both quick to get into and also fast-paced enough to keep things interesting.

They might not have the deep, immersive storylines like some RPGs on the market today – for instance, Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire has an epic storyline that spans generations from when you first start your empire with only one city to centuries later when it starts expanding throughout various continents in pursuit of new resources and lands – but these quick, easy games will still give players hours upon hours worth of enjoyment while keeping them hooked thanks to their addicting gameplay mechanics built around quick ups and downs.

The quick, easy games we're going to discuss are modern-day classics in their own right:

And with such popularity among gamers today, it’s no surprise that these quick, simple, fun games have been ported from mobile gaming devices onto Xbox 360/Xbox One consoles through the help of successful companies like

These quick, easy games offer a diversity of gameplay mechanics that will appease everyone regardless if you’re looking for something relaxing or fast-paced, as these other quick, accessible game titles typically fall into one of those two categories.

If you are looking for more information about exciting games, then this is the place to go. We'll cover everything from different kinds of games and their features to all sorts of tips on how best play them effectively.

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There are many addicting games out there, and it can be difficult to find one that's perfect for you.

The following are quick, simple, fun games that can be played in the browser


This game is one of the best quick easy to play games because it’s quick, simple, and fun to play with a friend. You can play this puzzle game on any computer or mobile device without downloading anything. It needs no introduction as most people know what it is, but just for review purposes, you have blocks shaped like tetrahedrons that fall from above which then must be appropriately positioned, so they fit together to form complete rows across an imaginary grid before the time runs out.

The more lines completed at once, the higher score obtained when all points have been tallied up after completing each round; defeating enemies yields power-ups such as quickening the descent rate of tetrahedrons or shuffling through all the pieces.


Another quick, easy-to-play game is solitaire, which can be played with one deck of cards and no opponents, while others prefer it in two-player mode. This card game involves dealing out thirteen piles, each made up of seven cards facedown so that they are arranged into four rows and three columns, then picking up any top card from either pile A or B until only one card remains at the bottom; said last remaining card would go back on its original column where it was dealt from as part of another stack.

The object is to organize cards by suit according to their color (spades black, clubs red, hearts green), but in order to win, the cards in each column must also be ordered by rank.

Tic Tac Toe

This quick, easy game can be played with pencil and paper or on a touchscreen device; it is simple yet challenging enough not to bore people quickly. The goal of this quick round game for two players is to get three pieces in a straight line either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally before your opponent does so that you have then won said match. One player takes turns marking their symbol x or o (or an X if playing against themselves) within an empty box in any of the nine rows, while both players take turns doing so until all spaces are filled up without forming threes lines together (a draw).

A variation of this quick, easy game is called the “Naughts and Crosses” or Tic-tac-toe, where an X can be made in any of the nine rows by drawing a line horizontally through two adjacent boxes, which are then filled with one’s own symbol without forming three lines together.

Connect Four

This quick, simple, fun game involves players dropping pieces into a grid to see who will get four pieces lined up either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally before your opponent does so that they have won the said match. The player has to drop their piece on top of another already placed down but not yet connected successfully while thinking about any potential moves ahead as each round lasts only for thirty seconds at most, connecting four pieces (either vertically, horizontally, or diagonally) will result in a quick victory.


This quick, easy game can be played with cards, but it is best when playing against an opponent (or yourself). The object of the said quick round game is to try and match up pairs of facedown cards that are identical before your opponent does so; the player who gets five matches first wins the quick round. If one cannot find any matching pair and their time runs out, they forfeit the quick, simple, fun games from that particular quick round match while having only taken three pieces left on their side of the grid, which must then be turned over for new ones to play with next turn.


Another quick, simple, fun game involves moving counters around a checkered board, with a player’s pieces alternating colors from one spot to the next; capturing an opponent’s piece is done by jumping over it and onto its square. The quick round game of checkers can be played in three different ways depending on how many players are involved: two people play traditionally where they take turns moving any number of their counters forward until all have been promoted or captured, while those playing alone do so against themselves (or just “playing” as opponents) where each turn consists of making a single move only to capture more than one counter at once if possible.


These quick, easy games can be played with just a few letters (or random letter tiles) on the board at any given time; it involves making words from those available by drawing them off against other pieces in order to gain more points than your opponents have managed during the said turn. One must take care not to use too many blank spaces as they will lose that particular quick, simple fun game if they run out while running into one another so that all squares are then filled up without creating valid words.


This quick, easy game involves working out which spots on your side of the said grid correspond to coordinates that will sink enemy ships when hit correctly. The quick round game of battleships is quick to learn and quick to teach, with players taking turns trying out various coordinates before either sinking an opponent’s ship or having their own hit.


In quick, easy, fun games, there’s something for everyone. Whether it is quick round matches of chess or checkers against an opponent, a one-player game on your own (or just “playing” as opponents) where each turn consists of making a single move only to capture more than one counter at once if possible, quick, simple games like Memory that can be played with cards but are most enjoyable when playing against an opponent(s), quick rounds of Scrabble involving drawing pieces off the board and creating valid words from those available by creating them out using space efficiently, so they don’t run into others while filling up all squares; there are plenty quick must play fun games out there!